- Skiing in the surroundings of apartments Limba


Skiing in the surroundings of apartments Limba

The region Liptov offers many skiing areas for all the levels of skiers. You can also found many Nordic trails, backcountry skiing trails, skiing schools for children, ski rentals, snowboarding schools with U ramp. Many of the ski areas have equipment to make snow that could be used in bad weather conditions, as well as night skiing.

  • Our advice:


    • In the region Liptov are 7 big or smaller ski areas.


  • Demänova valley - Jasna

    Demänova valley - Jasna

    Jasna Nizke Tatry as a largest ski arena with great conditions for winter sports in Slovakia offers endless opportunities odf entertainment and active relax in the northern and southern side of Chopok. Penzion Limba is situated only 6 kilometers from the ski area. Jasna offers amazing slopes for alpine skiing, U ramp for free riders, Nordic skiing trails, incredible backcountry skiing and off cliff powder skiing. Jasna consists of two ski areas, North Jasna with areas called Zahradky, Otupne and South Jasna with areas called Srdiecko and Kosodrevina. The ski area offers 28 kilometers of slopes, which 11 kilometers can be covered with made snow, and 3 kilometers of slopes are available for night skiing. Skiers can choose from six seated chairlifts, four seated chairlifts, gondola, and around 16 ski lifts. Ski area also offers skiing school for adults as well as children, snowboarding school, Nordic skiing trails in the surrounding areas. To get to the ski resorts it is possible to take buses or own cars.The lenght of the winter season is usually from the beggining of December to the end of April.There are operating 29 cable cars and lifts with transport capacity more than 30 000 persons per hour at Chopok

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    • The most famous slope is called FISKA and it is situated in the part  Zahradky.
    • The ski area is also famous for FIS alpine skiing world cups and Europa cups, that are happening almost every year. Until now people are still talking about World cup when Ingemar Stenmark won by a lot before any other skier.
    • Snowboarding is supported in this ski area. It is very easy for snowboarders to get around, due to many chairlifts.
    • Skipass: you can buy skipass before start of season - 260 €/adult for 10 days

                        you need ID card and photo!



  • SKI PARK Ruzomberok Malinô-Brdo

    SKI PARK Ruzomberok Malinô-Brdo

    Ski area SKI PARK Malino Brdo is situated 37 kilometers west from LIMBA. Ski Park Malino Brdo lies in the attitude of 545 meters to 1209 meters above the sea level. Due to the grass fields this ski area is usually open even in bad weather conditions. This ski area also offers night skiing. To the ski area you have to take a gondola from the parking lot next to the hotel Hrabovo. Ski area consists of 12 kilometers of slopes,8 seated cabin cableway, four seated chairlift, four lifts for children, and 2 regular lifts. It also offers skiing school, snowboarding school, various restaurants, ski rental and service and bars.

    Our advice:


    • Ski park Malino Brdo is still under development.
    • free skibus and parking
    • open: daily 8:30 - 16:00 (winter season)
    • When you go back home,don´t forget visit thermal swimming pool Besenova, which offers many water attractions for children and relaxing time for adults.


  • Ski centre Zavazna Poruba-Opalisko

    Ski centre Zavazna Poruba-Opalisko

    This ski area is situated 10 kilometers away from the city Liptovsky Mikulas, its at the end of a village called Zavazna Poruba. Penzion LIMBA is 20 kilometers away from this ski area. Opalisko is a ski area that many ski alpine and nordic clubs use for training. It is possivle to take a bus from Liptovsky Mikulas to get t this ski area, or drive your own car. This ski area has four ski lifts and seated cableway,offers also night skiing. It is very good options if the wind conditions in Jasna are unbereable. It is very good options for little children and families. It offers also nodric skiing trails and ski rentals.

    Our advice:


    • Its a smaller ski area that is very popular among families with little kids.
    • Prices: 4 €/adult/oneway
    • Possibility of night skying
    • Free parking right next to the ski lifts.
    • The advantage of ski area Opalisko are the nordic trails right beside it.


  • Ski area Ziarska dolina – Dolinky

    Ski area Ziarska dolina – Dolinky

    The ski area Dolinky is situated at the end of the village Ziar and at the beginning of Ziarska Dolina. This ski area is 10 kilometers away from Liptovsky Mikulas and 22 kilometers from Penzion LIMBA. This ski area consists of two different skiing facilities. The first one, called Dolinky is situated at the end of the village. The second one is more in the valley Ziarska Dolina. The ski area offers two ski lifts, one is 300 meters long and the other one 700 meters long. Both of the facilites offer night skiing. In the area you can find small restaurant or a bar and parking. This ski area is popular among families with children. The second facility is situated at the end of the valley. You can find here two ski lifts and amazing backcountry skiing. To reach this facility, you have to hike up the entire valley. This area is very popular among people who like to work out and enjoy backcountry skiing. In this valley, many international races for backcountry skiing took place in recent years.

    Our advice:


    • Ski area Ziarska Dolina is smaller one, but very suitable for families with children and then for backcountry skiers.
    • Ski school,skiservis
    • Free parking
    • Open: daily 9:00 - 16:00 and night skiing 18:00 - 21:00
    • The beauty of the mountain peaks in the valley is breath taking.


  • Sport center Liptovsky Jan - Javorovica

    Sport center Liptovsky Jan - Javorovica

    The ski area Javorovica is situated at the end of the village Liptovsky Jan, about 19 kilometers away from Penzion Limba. This ski area is a smaller one as many others in our region and its very situable for families with children and beginners. Winter season id from December to April.The ski area consists of 3 ski lifts and has its own skiing school, as well as ski rentals and service.

    Our advice:



    • Open: daily 9:00 - 16:00
    • Prices: 11€/adult/3 hours  
    • This ski area is very close to the swimming pools in Hotel Maj, that have spring hot water.


  • Ski center Bačova roveň - Vysna Boca

    Ski center Bačova roveň - Vysna Boca

    This ski area is further away, about 43 kilometers from Penzion LIMBA and 20 km from the city of LIptovsky Hradok. It is a good ski area if the snow conditions are not great in Jasna, because is situated in higher altitude. It is smaller ski area with three ski lifts with capacity 1800 persons per hour. It is very popular among ski clubs, that get to practice here a lot.In skicenter are every year 2 competitions - European cup UNI FIS in slalom race of men and women and the second one is MASTER in downhill. 

    Our advice:


    • free parking
    • on Friday and on Saturday you can enjoy night skiing
    • In the ski area Vysna Boca, is always possible to ski the first snow, and the last snow of the season.
    • It offers also powder skiing off slopes for more adventorous people.



  • Ski center STIV Certovica

    Ski center STIV Certovica

    Certovica is ski-centre,which is distant 24 km from town Liptovsky Hradok,48 km from Pension Limba.Ski-season in the centre Certovica exist 120 days from december to April.Line in the centre Certovica have grass basis, and they are covering with snow.Besides classical skiing are good term for skiing and ski turistic hereThere are big lift 450 m long good for skiing and snowboarding, also small lift 120 m long for children.Available is skiservice,lending ski,restaurants.

    Our advice:


    • Near hotel Barbora on the way to Certovica is situated ski-lift with very good line,where taking place ski competition FIS.
    • 3 stars ski center